What our family reunion service covers

We have been reuniting refugees with their families since 2010. There are often a range of challenges through the family reunion process which our service helps with.

The most common function for our service is funding and booking travel for UK based refugees’ family members so as to bring them back together. We are unable to fund travel retrospectively.

Outside of booking travel we are sometimes able to help with other essential costs to support our client – but only if the reunion would not take place without our intervention. Examples of these include:

  • Cost of travel to a departure airport.
  • Exit costs including visas or vaccination certificates.
  • Travel to a visa appointment in extraordinary circumstances, for example where a family is in immediate danger or unaccompanied minors are travelling.
  • DNA testing to support applications or appeals.

For cases outside of our ‘normal’ remit we may ask for additional information including:

  • Confirmation that the applicant is not able to receive support with costs from elsewhere though their own networks.
  • The items being funded are essential to family reunion travel or an application for visas.