Our vision

Our Vision: Refugees Families Reunited

Our Core Principle: All families should be able to live together, if they choose.

We want to see all refugees in the UK having access to support to be reunited with family members from when they first seek asylum to when their family has arrived and are settled into life in the UK.


We will achieve our vision through remaining committed to our values:

  • We treat our clients as individuals

We recognise that every family is different, and every case is different. We recognise the unique situation of each client, treating them and their families as individuals at all times. We respect our clients as being independent, equal and empowered in their own decisions and lives.

  • We are collaborative

We work in partnership with our clients and partners at every stage throughout the family reunion process. We aim to fill the gaps left in the current system and, wherever possible, use partners’ systems and paperwork to reduce the impact on our clients and speed up processing times. As a volunteer-run charity, we work together, relying on different skillsets and varied viewpoints to be a professional and effective charity.

  • We are needs-driven

We only cover what cannot be self-funded or funded by other organisations. We are the last resort for our clients, providing what they need to reunite with their families and only providing what is absolutely essential.


Our Strategic Plan sets out our aspirations for a three year period between 2020 and 2023. Read our Summary Strategic plan 2020 – 2023 here..