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Every donation really counts. We do not receive any government funding and we are reliant on your donations. All our casework is undertaken by volunteers so we are able to maintain very low running costs.

We are therefore able to guarantee that 100% of the donations we receive go directly to families in need.

Make a donation

You can make a donation securely online via CAG Donate and support families now. Regular donations allow us to plan ahead and better manage client’s expectations. Use the button below to visit their website.

Why support refugee family reunion?

For many refugees the process of getting their families to the UK can be long and problematic. The main obstacles facing people in this situation are the cost and arrangements associated with their family’s travel.

Desperate to be reunited with their families some refugees go to extreme lengths to raise the money for their family’s travel including going without food and borrowing from anyone who’ll lend it. Some are forced to bring family members over separately as they can afford it meaning children can be sent unaccompanied which can leave them vulnerable to trafficking and abuse.

Supporting refugee family reunion can help victims of persecution begin to rebuild their lives as a family unit.