Report a concern

We encourage all concerns to be reported to us so we can investigate, deal with them appropriately and make changes if needed.

Safeguarding or other concerns about clients or their families

Any concerns about the wellbeing of a client or family member should be reported to us as early as possible. We encourage partners to share concerns as appropriate so we can work together to get the best outcomes for the family.

This might include but is not limited to:

  • Concern about the wellbeing of a sponsor or their family members, this can include proactively raising issues that may arise after arrival or their ability to travel to the UK
  • Safeguarding concerns about a family or member of the Together Now team
  • Reporting a risk identified in our working practices even if it has not yet impacted a family


Any complaints can be directed to or a specific board member directly if preferred. Contact details for specific board members can be made available on request.