Fawad’s experience with a loan

Fawad* is an Afghan with Refugee Status living in the UK with his wife and children and working as a shop assistant whilst studying to return to his previous work in IT. His mother, who was displaced and living in Pakistan got her visa to come to the UK but he was unable to afford the flights. We supported him to apply for a loan from Refuaid for the cost of the travel.

“I was going through some financial problems as my current job and Universal Credit income were not sufficient to cover the day to day expenses of our family. During the application process I did not have enough spare money to get the ticket for my mom to travel to the UK. The application process was easy and swift. Before I applied I was worried as I was looking for a friend to give me the loan but was not sure who to contact. The repayments will be easy and comfortable with the offered options. For me the benefit was that it helped me to quickly get the ticket as my mom to travel as soon as possible. In the future of course, I plan to pay back my plan and complete my bootcamp course to look for better job opportunities to facilitate a good life for my family and contribute back to humanity using my newly gained skills in the field of software development.”

Fawad* borrowed £2,000 which will be repaid in instalments of £30 per month, he will be able to repay more quickly if he is able. There will be no interest added to the loan amount so he will only repay the £2,000 he has borrowed.

Loans are offered thanks to our partner Refuaid.